• Thank you for your consideration in donating to the Illinois FarmHouse Fraternity.  Donations may be made to the Illinois FH Association, the Illinois FH Chapter, or the Illinois FH Foundation. The FH Foundation is a duly organized public foundation which is exempt from federal income taxes and which may accept tax deductible gifts under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Foundation money funds scholarships, the computer lab, and educational programs. The Illinois FH Foundation awards more than $15,000 in scholarships annually to members and pledges of the chapter based on academic achievement and financial merit. These awards are made possible by generous gifts from Illinois FarmHouse alumni.To view a description of the different available funds, please click the link: FH Foundation Endowments


    We are happy to share that we now are able to accept donations online through the International FarmHouse Foundation.  For complete instructions for making an online donation, see below.  If you would like to make an online donation please go to


    Annual Fund Drive Links:

    Letter from the Association Board

    Letter from the Chapter

    Donation Form


    Please mail all donations to:


    FarmHouse Fraternity

    1450 County Rd 2680 E

    Allerton, IL 61810



  • Instructions for Donating Online to Illinois FarmHouse Foundation Endowments/Scholarships


    This is the page donors will see when they click on Notice that in Donations Given there is a drop down by that offers a lot of options. Donors will need to either pick Foundation Council or Endowment to designate their gift to Illinois. Then click on PayPal’s button “Click to Donate”.



    Donors will then be taken to this page where they can type in an amount they want to give, and it shows the designation. If you have a PayPal account you can log-in and use that. Otherwise, you can click on “Don’t Have a PayPal account” link.



    Donors will then be taken to this credit card page where you will need to fill out all your credit card information.




    After the donor puts in their credit card information, it will come up with this page. In the special instructions it says Note to Seller –  click on Add and type in the endowment or foundation council they’d like to support. For example : Illinois Phone-a-thon: Builder of Men Fund


    Note: Failure to add a "Note to Seller" means we cannot guarantee that your donation will go to support the Illinois Foundation Council and its endowments as opposed to FH International's Endowment Funds.




    After clicking on the Pay Now button, you will receive a generic email that says your gift has been received.


    Thank you for Donating!