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    FarmHouse Newsletter


    January 2018




    Greetings Brothers,




         My name is Nicholas Kertz and I am honored to be the new Vice President of Alumni Relations.  I have the pleasure of being the head liaison between our vast alumni network and its active members.  I am looking forward to the following semester and hope to make new connections along with strengthen those that are ongoing.




         Our January began with all of the members contributing their last week of break to cleaning and reorganizing the physical house.  During that week, the members also accomplished multiple projects, as a whole, to improve the house.  Some projects consisted of repainting rooms/hallways and refinishing floors.




         While most of us spent our breaks at home, seniors Alex Brauman and Jake Montgomery spent part of theirs in Brazil under a study abroad program.  Here is a bit of how Alex Brauman told of his experience:




         “During our winter break trip to Brazil, we visited the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro areas and focused on horticultural         production; especially nontraditional production.  We visited many sites that focused on agroforestry (including several       members of a cooperative), a community supported agriculture organization, and a few of the leading agroforestry           producers.  In addition, we visited a specialty rice farm, a permaculture institute, the main wholesale market for the         city of Sao Paulo, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, and took a boat tour of the beautiful Bay of Paraty.”




         “I was able to participate in this study abroad due to scholarship support from FarmHouse Donors and it really means        a lot to me that alumni are willing to support students and help us have these amazing and expansive experiences.”



         Through FarmHouse scholarships that are supported by donations from our alumni these two were able to go on this trip with little personal cost and gain experience that they will have and be able to use for the rest of their lives.  Experiences like these are one of the many reasons are alumni network is such a valuable aspect of FarmHouse.







          On the social side of the house, while being on campus for only two weeks we have already had a social with the lovely ladies of the sorority, Sigma Alpha.  Together we held a game night at the house and even utilized the event to invite a couple of rushees that came and checked out the house and met more of its members.  Shown above are members from both organizations playing in the living room (left) and dining room (right).







         Every newsletter we will highlight two members within the house to allow more of our alumni to get to know more of our active chapter.  Here are our first two:




                                                           Member Highlights








                            Senior                                                               Junior


       Agricultural and Biological Engineering                     Technical Systems Management


                  w/ Business Minor                                            w/ Animal Science Minor


           Hometown:  Fairbury, Illinois                              Hometown:  Williamsfield, Illinois




               “I really enjoy the brotherhood and the            “I love the connections made


               friends this house has brought together”          between brothers in this house


                                                                                   and seeing where those go in life”



         To further involve our alumni with the active chapter, we would like to to start multiple programs to do so.




         To begin, if anyone is interested in coming to the house for dinner and giving a presentation in recruitment, self-development, business, etc. or anything that you believe the house would better from, we greatly encourage it.




         Secondly, if you know of any young men that show promise and potential for becoming a FarmHouse man, please send him our way.  There is nothing more valuable for a young man than the FarmHouse experience and being sent by one of our alumnus tells the chapter immediately that this young man has true potential and can benefit the house.




         Finally, we are trying to bring back the “Bigger Brother” program, in which new members are assigned an alumnus to be their “bigger brother” or mentor.  This program can be beneficial to both the new member and the alumnus.  You do not need to be within the Champaign area to participate, however it is more effective to be within an hour’s drive to be more present for your “littler brother” .  If you are interested in participating in this program, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.




         In addition, the active chapter would like to thank again all alumni that donated in the past months toward foundation and/or the house.  We appreciate this form of support among others and could not thrive without such.



         Please feel free to contact me via this email or by my personal phone at (309)-370-0507.  Once again I am looking forward to this semester as Alumni Relations and hope to build more relationships and bring the active chapter and alumni closer together.




    Thank You Brothers and Frame On,



    Nicholas Kertz


    Vice President of Alumni Relations